About me

Who am I?

Hey! I'm Yero. I'm a 16 year old boy with lots of hobbies (no, seriously, I have too many). I like almost anything related to computers and electronics in general.

I was born in Spain the 26th February 2007 and since I was a kid I always loved computers, cables and electric things. Combining it with that it was very moved, you can imagine all the bad things I did.
When I was 5, I created my first gmail account, tecnico312@gmail.com (I don't have access anymore to that account :sad:) and for me, at that moment, that was my greatest achievement. I remember that at the age of 7, I dissasembled completely my fathers laptop just for fun (yes, I also loved dissasembling things). And still now, I've been experimenting with all kind of electronic things that have arrived to my hands.

Let's start with gaming, one of my main hobbies. I like all kind of games but I mainly play FPS and Driving-sim games such as Valorant, Assetto Corsa or Euro Truck Simulator. Click here to visit my Steam profile, I always enjoy when people write me comments.

I also like programming, I started with C++ with Code::Blocks IDE (You'll be always on my heart) at the age of 6 years, obviously copying the code from random youtube videos but at least I learnt something.
Later on, I started learning HTML, CSS and mainly JS with SoyDalto's youtube tutorials. I like back-end so JS is my main language.
Recently I started learning .Lua because of my Roleplay Server.

One of my most recent hobbies is 3D Printing, I started learning about it at the highscool, there was a Reprap Prusa I3 Hephestos. The machine wasn't very good at all but I learnt a lot from it. Later on, I bought my first printer, a second-handed Anet A8 (which I still have) and a month later my second one, an Anet A8 too.
Now I'm more advanced and I print plenty of things. Here you can see it.